Saturday, July 12, 2014

Big City Swag from Mandy King

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A drive in the big city.
Credits: Mandy King ~ Big City Swag, font ~ Just for Giggles

Wednesday, July 09, 2014


Another gorgeous day. Sunshine and blue sky.

Steve got his protime done and he was 2.8, so that means unless things change between now and tomorrow morning at the hospital, the cardioversion is a go!!! We're both nervous and excited and scared and stressed. Just praying it works!

Scrapped. 6/3/14 ~ Credits: Scrapbook Bytes Designers Collab ~ Simply Serene, Cilenia Curtis ~ free template, font ~ a little sunshine   
6/8/14 ~ Credits: Kathryn Estry ~ Zebra In Charge Mini challenge freebie, Oklahoma Dawn ~ free template, font ~ Remember

Name one thing you should toss right now, but just can’t.
Nothing. I have a lot of other's things I could toss right now, but...I don't hang on to things.

Today's photo prompt is Left Behind. This scary looking giggling doll was left behind from Rylie's fourth of July birthday celebration. My boys have come up with many horror stories...

Tuesday, July 08, 2014


Got loads of laundry folded.

Went to Dr. Wolfe's with Steve. Cardioversion *might* be as early as Thursday. If not then, it will be next week. Now we pray it works!!!

Aaron's at the church helping Isaiah get things set up for VBS next week. Steve and I were driving home and he was driving down the road in Nathan's car. That was weird.

A funny thing happened on the way to ... can't think of anything funny on the way to the doctor. It was a quiet drive. Steve's stressed, worried.
Another cardiologist appointment. Hopefully we'll be seeing the end of them every six weeks or more soon!!!

Monday, July 07, 2014

2 years

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Isaiah and Becky!!! It sure doesn't seem like it's been 2 years already since they got married, is.

Weird day. Josiah's time to be at work has changed due to him being done with school. We left at 10:15 instead of noon or later. I dropped him off and then dropped overdue books off at the library. Unfortunately I forgot one of the overdue books at home. True, the library is closed today, but still...Steve said he'd drop it off before it opens in the morning. Got home. Had lunch. Read for a bit, almost fell asleep and then had to go pick Josiah up at the church. I'm glad one of his bosses drops him off at the church.

Have you played the lottery? Nope. Have absolutely no desire to.
Tiger Lily. Because.

Sunday, July 06, 2014


Yay! Elijah's Jeep made it home from the shop where it was towed to without breaking down. Steve was really glad because he did not want to have to hook up the trailer and drive his cube van to wherever.

Went to church. Both Isaiah and Jamie were gone so Steve was the only one leading songs. He played piano and sang.

Nathan, Aaron, and Josiah went over to Katelyn's house to play in their pool.

Who did you text today? Mom, Aaron, and Ronnie
Today's photo prompt is Pride. Although we've had our fights, misunderstandings, and not so happy attitudes from me about Steve's piano playing for church, I am proud of him and his talent, but more than that of his willingness to help out when needed. He does love to play.  Picture is from an iphone video, so it's not all that great.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Ant walk

Steve and I just got back in the house from a formica obscuripes trail walk. I know, I know these little western thatching ants don't destroy my home, they eat aphids, etc, but they also bite and I don't want them in my yard! I sprinkled the Terro ant killer, Steve sprayed the Terro with water. We followed their trail all the way back to their nest beside the road and put Terro on that, too. If it doesn't kill them, Steve said he'll put 'em in a garbage bag and burn 'em. They spread so quickly and once they gain a foot hold, we'll end up with nests everywhere.

Steve worked this morning. Micah texted me at 10:53 to say he was two hours from Lakewood. We *thought* he was coming home later this evening, but...he'd left Teri's Moms at 4:30 (5:30 our time). I called Steve and he said he'd get his job finished up and get home. He did. Micah was really tired. 9+ hours of driving yesterday. Little sleep last night and 9+ hours of driving today made for a tired man.

Elijah's Jeep broke down last night on his way to Crystals. The H's have free towing, so they had his Jeep towed to a shop. The guy looked at it today, but said he couldn't replicate what Elijah had happen. Of course not. Steve told Elijah that he was not going to be driving anywhere tonight to pick up the Jeep with the trailer (in case it breaks down). Therefore, Elijah will be spending another night.

Nathan and Joy went to Westport.

I should go get today's laundry folded. I think I'm going to bed early tonight.

I just can’t seem to get enough sleep lately.

Loved the sun shining behind the clouds.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Happy Birthday, America!!!

I. Am. Tired. Ready, ready, ready for bed. Steve and I met the travelers and they got off safely and made it to Teri's Moms. Steve and I will take Maggie (Brandi's car) back to Avis tomorrow evening once Micah gets back. We stopped at Walmart and got food for today. Once we got home, we got things set up for partying/bbqing.

Isaiah and Becky showed up a little before noon. Ken was the next to show up. Colton was already here as he'd spent the night again. Tiana, Jeremiah, Bradyn, and Rylie showed up next and then Mom and Joy. Bernie and Marie didn't get here about 3. Nathan had gone hiking with Pastor Matt and some of their family, so he was late getting back, but that's okay. Joy feels comfortable enough around us that she's fine with Nathan not being here.

Steve did the barbecuing. I missed having Micah, Brandi, and Ethan here! We ate. And visited. And laughed. And ate more.

Mom had brought a pool for Bradyn and Rylie when she came over yesterday and Aaron, Josiah, and Colton set it up for them. The guys played volleyball. We celebrated Joy's 19th birthday (blanket Nathan had made for Joy)
and Rylie's 1st birthday.   Some of the guys played some strange game where they tried to "take it" by getting hit in the nuts with a volleyball... There were giggles for quite awhile and just after I took this photo, Aaron got the ball and rolled it with a little too much force and nailed Isaiah really hard. That was the end of the game and Isaiah can curl up pretty easily for such a big guy. He was down for almost five minutes!! Poor guy. I mean it was his choice to play the game, but still...

Joy had brought a pinata for her birthday. Her and Bradyn took turns hitting it.

Elijah took off to go be with Crystal (spending the night) and family. Bernie, Marie, Joy, and Nayt (Joy's brother) left before we started the fireworks that Mom had brought. I cuddled with Rylie for a little bit. She almost fell asleep during the fireworks!

Nice day. Happy birthday to America!!

What movie are you looking forward to? None. If something looks good, we *might* go see it, but we normally wait for Redbox or Netflix.

Didn't follow today's photo prompt. Happy Birthday to America and to Joy (Nathan's girlfriend)!!

New Releases from With Love Studio

It's Friday and new release day at With Love Studio!! 
This week I created with...
~ July  ~
from Fran B designs
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2012 parking lot firework celebration
Credits: Fran B designs ~ July and free template, font ~ Summertime

from Tattered Princess Designs
 Available here at With Love Studio. There is also a matching solid paper pack available here.

Father's Day 2014
Credits: Tattered Princess Designs ~ Grill Master, Fran B designs ~ Floralific Templates, font ~ sf Steve

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